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Thanks to technological progress and rich experience, we are able to find solutions to problems from our customers, create value for our partners, save them time and cost, and support them through maintenance and technical training.


It’s very important to us to enter into a long-term partnership with our customers and suppliers on the basis of the same values. We can reliably meet the high demands of our customers in terms of flexibility, commercial negotiation, punctual delivery and service quality as a complete package of solution.


Our mission commits us to constantly serve our customers with an increasing product line of the highest quality, to anticipate and satisfy the future needs of our customers, to devote ourselves to improving the technology and constructing advanced world factories.



Krenn Kamax Steel Cutter  

Custom model




KTR32N-AN42250/VE94877-00 includes a Steel Cutter and related Spare Parts and After-Sale Service


Suitable Balancer: KTR32N-AN43921/VE13372-01

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