Igus splits slewing ring bearing

Date:2015-12-03    Views:3835

Installation of lubrication-free PRTs now have the ability to be fitted to an already installed shaft.

In most applications radial-axial plain bearings are fixed on a surface completely assembled, polymer slewing ring bearings (PRT) from igus are no exception. Responding to a customer's request, igus has now developed an iglidur PRT Slewing ring bearing that can be split, which will easily implement the special design of the customer. This instance proves that many of the new products developed by the motion plastics specialist igus are geared to meet specific customer requirements.

During assembly, bearings are normally positioned on a shaft and fixed It is not however readily possible with centre or support bearings, because the shaft is already fixed on both sides. It became necessary for a customer of the motion plastics specialist igus, to execute a slewing ring bearing that able to be split, so that the bearing could be mounted in place with ease. The known iglidur PRTs from igus are slewing ring bearings that have a lubrication-free liner between the inner and outer rings made of aluminium, which minimises friction between the two rings. A 'split' PRT originated from the customer's request. "In this new development, the iglidur PRT has been constructed in such a way that it can be placed, for example, around a pipe or a shaft and then closed again in its ring shape," explains Gerhard Baus, authorised representative for plain bearings at igus. "The movement between the inner and outer ring can then be carried out in the usual manner."

Versatile tribo-tape enables the special design
Unlike the usual iglidur PRTs in the igus range, the sliding elements could not be used for these special solutions, since they would not have remained in their positions while splitting the housing. In this case the lubricant-free tribo-tape made from iglidur A160 is used instead. The self-adhesive film is 0.5 millimetres thick and can be easily cut. Like the sliding elements made of iglidur J, the tribo-tape is also self-lubricating, making it maintenance-free and also FDA compliant.

igus supplies the new 'split' polymer slewing ring bearing on request. In this way, all special requirements of the application can be considered in the customer-specific design.


Refer to: http://www.igus.eu/Press/7278/hannover-messe-on-route-to-a-1-000-euro-robot-with-igus